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Sit down and stay awhile….

I’m going to tell you a story about a boy {Lee} and a girl {Amanda}, and the reason the girl fell for the boy.

The reason had something to do with the color orange.

Lee had a VW Bug.  It was no ordinary VW….  It was a two-toned, orange and cream, 1956, MXPX-blastin ride.  (If you don’t know who MXPX is, you are banned from reading our blog – Ok, that is a bit harsh… but shame on you.)

I remember talking to my friend about Lee and how he looked 50xs hotter when he pulled up in his ride, hat skewed to the side, with his skateboard thrown in the back seat.  I was smitten, and so was he (with me of course).

So I have a special spot for the color orange in my little heart.  It makes me smile and remember the good old days – before we had kids and had to have a responsible, kid-hauling SUV.

Some day, Lee… some day you can get a bug again.

Love this shoot, <3 the orange.

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