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posted by lee

Spending time with seniors who are approaching graduation is so inspiring. They have this look in their eye like they can take on the world! I believe them.

ps- go TOROS!!!

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categories: Austin, Seniors
posted by amanda

Wanted: a rubber chicken to give this hilarious girl for her birthday.

Yes, you heard right. This BEAUTIFUL girl who goes by the name Cami wants a rubber chicken for her bday. Or maybe she said that was her favorite gift of all time. I can’t quite remember, I was laughing so hard at her dry humor I couldn’t pay very good attention!

Now Cami is off to college and on to bigger and better things, like a rubber turkey perhaps?

Anywho, I love this girl and {love} her jokes. I hope she doesn’t get a weirdo for a roommate!! Oh freshman year of college.

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