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Know what happens when you homeschool and it has been rainy all day? You take your kids out to the park with the intent that they will come home with an inch of mud on the bottom of their boots.


They exceeded my expectations.

At least they got their energy out and had so much fun! We can scrape boots later.

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posted by amanda

Have you seen school pictures?  Honestly, (and I’m always honest with you guys!)  I do buy them every year…. I worry that my kids will think they were jipped.  But     have    you     seen     them?!

I guess I buy the tie-dye background, hokey pictures as a rite of passage for my kids.  Only giving in to the temporarily set up studio, because we have 50 bazillion other pictures that I take of them all year long.

Maybe you should rethink spending the $50+ on the school pictures package and give your kids some images you will hang on your wall and {love} every second.  Images like these from our back to school shoot!

Click here and remind yourself about the awesome details of the shoot.. and then email us :)  We still have some spots open next Saturday the 27th!

Talk to you soon!!

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