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posted by amanda

I am loving the hours I’m sharing with brand new babes. They are so amazing.

This little girl finally got tired of her paparazzi. “Just stop already!!!” she screamed!

But before that she was so, so perfect.

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posted by amanda

Taking pictures of newborns is kind of like having one of your own. You get peed on, you soak in their newborn smell, you wash their poop off your blankets… BUT no one woke me up last night.

Funny thing is, if you really know me.. even when I have a newborn, they don’t wake me up at night. Lee wakes up when our babies cry in the night and then has to WAKE ME UP to get up and take care of them.

I’m kind of a heavy sleeper. I always have the best sleeping babies… but maybe that’s just because I don’t hear them crying :/ hmmmm.


Here are two babies that are in my life right now. I don’t schedule newborn shoots. I don’t have the time to commit to them right now, but aren’t they so delightful?!

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posted by amanda

sticks and stones, volcanoes and bikes you know the rhyme!

A year ago Lee and I escaped the heat and took off to Maui for a week or so.  It was so so much fun!  (yes I am bragging and if you are offended then feel free to quit reading…. but I know you won’t!)

Swimming with sea turtles as close as we dared, staring at their mammoth jaws that could snap our fingers off, eating WAY too much food, soaking up the sun, and having a hilarious scooter afternoon, dumb and dumber style (my favorite part of the trip)

Well a year ago today we woke up at 3am and took a 15 passenger van, jam packed with tourists, up a WINDY road to the top of Mt. Haleakala.  We stood above the clouds and watch the sunrise.

It was stunning.  beautiful.  amazing.  breathtaking.  ok, ok you get the picture.  So the reason we crammed with 15 adults into a 15 passenger van, was because they had 15 mountain bikes loaded on top which they quickly distributed after the sun came up and said ‘see ya at the bottom suckers!’  ok maybe they didn’t call us suckers, but they should have.

We biked down the 10,000 ft mountain (aka – old volcano) at speeds of 30-40mph.  it.  was.  so.  much.  fun!

seriously…. one of the funnest things I have done in my life.

now comes the stupid part. and it just happens to have to do with Lee…
Lee doing something stupid?  No!

Well, I’ll just say biking down that windy road at 40 mph WHILE holding a video camera wasn’t his greatest idea of all time.

AND I didn’t get to enjoy the award winning breakfast pastries that our guide said was a must stop and partake of.

Lee totally fell off his bike on a sharp turn he was taking too fast and smashed his wrist to smithereens.  The video camera received no damage, and I may or may not have laughed at him :/ whoopsies…  I kind of do that when people get hurt. Well, hurt but not like life threatening. I have a soul!

So, Lee owes me a breakfast at the base of Mt Haleakala. I am not letting him forget it either.

Now, on to babies and soft skin and sweet smelling newborn-ness.  Ahhhhhh..

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posted by lee

So summer snuck up on you, huh?  Well, don’t feel bad, it snuck up on us, too – even though I don’t know how, considering the kiddos were so excited to get out of school – we barely even snapped a couple pictures on the last day of school.  I guess that’s life…

The nice thing about life is that you can always look back and learn from your mistakes…

Here’s your chance!

Don’t let this summer sneak by without making time to create the memories that will last a lifetime!

{ ……..enter Pie in the Sky Photography! }

Whether you’re out soaking up the sun with the kids…..

experiencing some summer sweetheart fun…..

…..or braving the summer heat for your wedding

we will make your memories last forever!

In fact, we want you to remember this summer so much that we’re making it a no brainer by offering AMAZ-ZA-ZING summer pricing.

From June 1 through August 31 enjoy over 30% off of these fun shoots!

And for all the love birds who are tying the knot this summer, an extra special deal for you {just to make your wedding that much sweeter}:

We know you’re going to have an awesome summer and we want you to be able to remember it forever!  So make sure you don’t let it slip through the cracks without catching some of the magic the makes life phenomenal!

Contact us today to book your SHOOT!

ps… tell your friends! :)

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posted by lee

I know, I know, I didn’t have to get you anything… but I think 1st impressions are super duper important.  Since we are just getting to know each other, I thought I’d get you a little something.

How about a chance to win a fabulous afternoon with Pie in the Sky making memories that we guarantee you will {LOVE} for a lifetime???!!!

Lee and I have talked a lot about what fabulous things we give our clients… and we know families cherish moments with their little kids.  We want you to remember every stage of your little kiddos lives.

We want to give you tangible memories!

SO, we are giving away an hour long shoot at one location complete with a copyright released disk of 25-35 of your images from the shoot!  You pick the type of shoot, it could be a family shoot, a newborn shoot an engagement shoot, just no more than 8 people!! ;)


Check out our new sidebar!!!

See the Facebook spot?  Are you a fan? Have you liked us on Facebook?

If you have, just share our link and leave a comment so we know you want in!!!

If not, hit the like button so your Facebook friends know about this great deal, too!!!

If don’t use Facebook, or you want another chance to win, check out our “grab our button!” goodie on the sidebar and stick it on your blog!  Then just leave a comment and cross your fingers that our random selector chooses you!!!

Just remember…

You MUST leave a comment on our blog so we know you’ve entered the contest  :)

All comments must be made by Saturday, May 14, at midnight to qualify.

GOOD LUCK!!!  and so SO good to meet you!!

Let us help you {make the GOOD life look a little BETTER}

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