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Is your morning starting out as fantastic as mine??? I hate to say it, but I just let out a HUGE sigh of relief because we sent the kids off to school this morning.

Really it’s bitter sweet. One one hand, I’m sad to see the two older girls leave for most of the day (poor Gwenny is going to have to find a new way to entertain herself), but on the other hand, it will be sooo nice to have them out of the house for most of the day! To quote Mr. Simon (or was it Garfunkel?) Ah… “the sound of SILENCE!”

I don’t know what it is, but it seems like by the end of the summer the girls just can’t stand each other anymore and any little thing sets off an argument. During the school year though, as soon as they get home, they can’t get enough of each other… go figure.

Well, to commemorate the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year, we are offering

Back to School Shoots!

Here’s the deal…

This is a limited time back-to-school version of our SHOOT my Kids photoshoot… with a little twist.

  • We are holding 2, count ‘em, 2 shoots dedicated to highlighting your kids at the beginning of this school year.
  • The 2 shoots will be held on the 19th and 27th of August.
  • Each day will have four 20min slots starting at 5:30pm.
  • For the 20min shoot, you’ll receive 7-10 images of your kid(s) while they still have that twinkle in their eye that comes from all the excitement, nervousness, and anticipation of a new school year.
  • Only $75 per session, 3 kids max.

We bring the props, we choose the location, you provide the kids, we make the GOOD life look a little BETTER! :)

Contact us today to reserve your slot… First come, first served!

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Today is swim meet day.

Delia is going to swim the fastest.

Eden wants to get a different colored ribbon than purple or pink or orange.  It’s all about the variety of color ribbons you know.

Here’s a recap from last week’s meet.

Delia surprised us with a 3rd place ribbon.  She swam WAY faster than when they had time trials.  I guess she works well under pressure.  Pretty sure she got that from both Lee and I  :/

Gwen devoured the whole bag of cookies we brought.  I had so much sweat dripping down into my eyes I hardly noticed her overdosing on sugar.  Could it seriously get any hotter?  Wearing a dress didn’t make it any cooler, it just made it easier to feel the sweat dripping down my legs.  TMI, I know… I know.

Eden swam great as well, especially for being put with the faster girls, but most important… she made a new friend at the swim meet, and ate her whole bag of popcorn.  She made sure to tell me ‘those naughty girls’ who she ‘kindly’ shared with last week and who ‘then they ate the WHOLE bag mom!’ weren’t there to sabotage her snacking.

Gotta love my girls.  They’ve got their priorities all figured out.

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We stopped at a random stack of underground water pipes the other day. The perfect photo opp with the sun coming through the long tubes.  Kinda dirty, some pops of color, what’s not to love?!  I promise our girls are up for pictures anytime, anywhere and I love that.

Going through these pictures made me sad that our girls are growing up.  Things are going to be so different with a boy in the house.  I don’t even want to think about what kind of naughtiness Gwenny is going to get into when I am stuck on the couch feeding Mr.  I think she knows things are going to change, because I have been extra snuggly on her and it keeps her from running around keeping up with the big girls.

We are off this windy, freezing morning to go shoot a newborn.  No complaints here!  I’d brave the snow to get a chance to go hang out with sweet tiny newbies… so so cute!

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