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While visiting my family in Waco this weekend we took some time to have a photoshoot with my sister Annie and her horse Poppy. While Annie was getting her mug on, my kids and I explored the ranch, tried to ride a donkey named Gus, saw a spider as big as a golf ball that will haunt my dreams, and generally get pretty dirty. Now my mind is spinning thinking about going back with my girls in cream, lace dresses and my camera.

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Since we all accompanied our scholarly Dad/husband Lee to his graduation last week and I had the PRIVILEGE of corralling the energy of 4 little kids by myself for 4 hours in the stands at University of Phoenix Stadium… I thought I’d share some of our memorable moments.

Some fun things we got pictures of:

Emerson as happy as could be! *This picture was taken at the beginning of hour one.  He hadn’t had his binky stolen yet or had to sit in his chair for 3 hours yet. Note he is still happy ;)

Mr. Tom Brokaw was one of the several speakers. He may have needed to edit his talk to reflect the fact that he was talking to mostly middle aged graduates who had spent a majority of their school time online, not having study groups at bars. *This picture doesn’t do Mr. Brokaw justice… Lee said you could see a trickle from his runny nose on the jumbo tron.  Oopsies.

Happy Graduate and Wife  *I could still act happy at this point. That is because I  had 7 boxes of movie candy in my purse as weaponry. 3 hours into the ceremony I ran out.  We might have resorted to drastic measures :/

Lee and I wanted to bring all the family so we could emphasize to our girls the importance of education. We wanted our kids to have the memory of going to their Dad’s graduation.  *Maybe next time we’ll just show them a few pictures after the event and I’ll sit BY MYSELF for 4 hours. Ahhhh the silence.

Oh Delia. Before we had even left the parking lot Delia (who had been wearing Lee’s graduation hat) announced that she maybe shouldn’t have been chewing gum while she chewed on Lee’s graduation tassel.      FOR THE LOVE!!       Lee’s symbol of 4 years of hard work is ruined before we even leave the parking lot?!

Gwen looked super cute in her peep toed zebra shoes.  *By the end of the ceremony I had caved in.  Gwen was hanging out in Emerson’s car seat eating candy and sucking on his extra binky.  My 2 big girls were watching a movie on my phone and my perfect dream of 4 cute little kids cheering on their graduate Dad was out the window!  I had seriously lost it!

4 kids for 4 hours is WAY TOO LONG!! Well, at a graduation ceremony that is!

Lesson learned :)


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We here at the Porter house are READY for the weekend!!! How is that?! School isn’t even in session?  I guess we just {crave} together time where we just kick it together :)

Hope you have fun plans for the weekend too and enjoy your family!!  Happy Friday!

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sticks and stones, volcanoes and bikes you know the rhyme!

A year ago Lee and I escaped the heat and took off to Maui for a week or so.  It was so so much fun!  (yes I am bragging and if you are offended then feel free to quit reading…. but I know you won’t!)

Swimming with sea turtles as close as we dared, staring at their mammoth jaws that could snap our fingers off, eating WAY too much food, soaking up the sun, and having a hilarious scooter afternoon, dumb and dumber style (my favorite part of the trip)

Well a year ago today we woke up at 3am and took a 15 passenger van, jam packed with tourists, up a WINDY road to the top of Mt. Haleakala.  We stood above the clouds and watch the sunrise.

It was stunning.  beautiful.  amazing.  breathtaking.  ok, ok you get the picture.  So the reason we crammed with 15 adults into a 15 passenger van, was because they had 15 mountain bikes loaded on top which they quickly distributed after the sun came up and said ‘see ya at the bottom suckers!’  ok maybe they didn’t call us suckers, but they should have.

We biked down the 10,000 ft mountain (aka – old volcano) at speeds of 30-40mph.  it.  was.  so.  much.  fun!

seriously…. one of the funnest things I have done in my life.

now comes the stupid part. and it just happens to have to do with Lee…
Lee doing something stupid?  No!

Well, I’ll just say biking down that windy road at 40 mph WHILE holding a video camera wasn’t his greatest idea of all time.

AND I didn’t get to enjoy the award winning breakfast pastries that our guide said was a must stop and partake of.

Lee totally fell off his bike on a sharp turn he was taking too fast and smashed his wrist to smithereens.  The video camera received no damage, and I may or may not have laughed at him :/ whoopsies…  I kind of do that when people get hurt. Well, hurt but not like life threatening. I have a soul!

So, Lee owes me a breakfast at the base of Mt Haleakala. I am not letting him forget it either.

Now, on to babies and soft skin and sweet smelling newborn-ness.  Ahhhhhh..

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So last September Amanda surprised me for my birthday with a quick trip to Boston! Let me just say, Boston in the fall…. AMAZ-ZA-ZING!!! (and by the way, I did say fall… yes, some states actually have 4 seasons)

We have some family out there and have been wanting to go and visit for a while, so she thought she’d take the chance and we made the trip.

Here’s a picture from the good old days at Harvard… ;)

We ended up eating at the Union Oyster House (the longest running restaurant in the US!). I’m not a big seafood fan, but I thought since it was our first time there, and since you can’t get much fresher seafood then in Boston, I might as well try lobster for the first time… not bad…. I probably won’t order it every time we go out to eat, but it was worth the experience.


As it turns out, she ended up mixing business with pleasure and part of the reason she decided to make the trip was to shoot an up-and-coming musician, Drew. He’s putting the finishing touches on his album and asked us to come out to get some shots of him. Luckily, Boston is an amazingly easy place to shoot. You can pretty much step out into the back alley and have a great location. In fact, that’s what we did here…

Drew and his wife Haley were great, Boston and the scenery were great, and of course the food was great!


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