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Yeahooooooooo for the weekend!! Here at the Porterhouse we have been waiting 7 days for the weekend to get here!! Nothing special on the calendar, just the regular eye doctor appointment, scout stuff going on and more organizing for Project Mr!

We went to Ikea last night to grab a few things for Mr’s room and seriously EVERY specific thing we went for was out of stock! After buying a few pitiful things just to justify our trip we headed over for an ice cream cone to console us and THEY WERE OUT OF ICE CREAM CONES!!!!

for. the. love.

Speaking of love, I’m pretty sure these two from a recent engagement shoot are head over heels in love with each other. That’s usually the way engagement shoots go ;)

Check back after the weekend, we are going to be busy finishing up some exciting new photo announcements, projects, giveaways, you name it… rock-a-fame-it!

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