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My friend Shelle is a talented interior designer. Head shots were in order, and I love the sun filled results! The last image makes me want to put a flower crown and fairy wings on her! Thanks Shellee!


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So last September Amanda surprised me for my birthday with a quick trip to Boston! Let me just say, Boston in the fall…. AMAZ-ZA-ZING!!! (and by the way, I did say fall… yes, some states actually have 4 seasons)

We have some family out there and have been wanting to go and visit for a while, so she thought she’d take the chance and we made the trip.

Here’s a picture from the good old days at Harvard… ;)

We ended up eating at the Union Oyster House (the longest running restaurant in the US!). I’m not a big seafood fan, but I thought since it was our first time there, and since you can’t get much fresher seafood then in Boston, I might as well try lobster for the first time… not bad…. I probably won’t order it every time we go out to eat, but it was worth the experience.


As it turns out, she ended up mixing business with pleasure and part of the reason she decided to make the trip was to shoot an up-and-coming musician, Drew. He’s putting the finishing touches on his album and asked us to come out to get some shots of him. Luckily, Boston is an amazingly easy place to shoot. You can pretty much step out into the back alley and have a great location. In fact, that’s what we did here…

Drew and his wife Haley were great, Boston and the scenery were great, and of course the food was great!


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denver, denver, denver… doesn’t that sound like the name of someone who is going somewhere in the music industry? I think so too.

he’s a pretty funny kid. good style and a killer game player.

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