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Lee’s gone for the weekend… something about Geronimo and 12 year old boys and some hike… I don’t know I couldn’t really hear him,

I was too busy planning the FUN we are going to have while he is gone!!

We are going all out baby!!! Kiddie sized ice cream cones, Tangled the movie maybe even jumpin on the bed!!! ;)  Whoohooo!!!! Girl Party at the Porter’s house!! ……..oh wait, we have Emerson now.  Hmmmm, well I guess babies don’t count.  And I promise we won’t paint his nails……

This time!

Here’s the evidence of the last giveaway! Leyla decided to switch it to a family shoot before their new cutest little girlie arrives! Love Them!!

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!   (ps lee and I have gotten into one or two arguments discussions about how to spell that word :/ and given away a few wedding cards with that word misspelled)

CAROL,  you are the lucky winner!!  We can’t wait to hear from you (we emailed you!)  and schedule your shoot!!

To those other fantastic people who random selector didn’t favor,  keep your eye out for us in your inbox and we might just make your day too?!

Thanks for playing and thanks {mucho} for the LOVE!!!

Lee & Amanda

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I know, I know, I didn’t have to get you anything… but I think 1st impressions are super duper important.  Since we are just getting to know each other, I thought I’d get you a little something.

How about a chance to win a fabulous afternoon with Pie in the Sky making memories that we guarantee you will {LOVE} for a lifetime???!!!

Lee and I have talked a lot about what fabulous things we give our clients… and we know families cherish moments with their little kids.  We want you to remember every stage of your little kiddos lives.

We want to give you tangible memories!

SO, we are giving away an hour long shoot at one location complete with a copyright released disk of 25-35 of your images from the shoot!  You pick the type of shoot, it could be a family shoot, a newborn shoot an engagement shoot, just no more than 8 people!! ;)


Check out our new sidebar!!!

See the Facebook spot?  Are you a fan? Have you liked us on Facebook?

If you have, just share our link and leave a comment so we know you want in!!!

If not, hit the like button so your Facebook friends know about this great deal, too!!!

If don’t use Facebook, or you want another chance to win, check out our “grab our button!” goodie on the sidebar and stick it on your blog!  Then just leave a comment and cross your fingers that our random selector chooses you!!!

Just remember…

You MUST leave a comment on our blog so we know you’ve entered the contest  :)

All comments must be made by Saturday, May 14, at midnight to qualify.

GOOD LUCK!!!  and so SO good to meet you!!

Let us help you {make the GOOD life look a little BETTER}

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Today is the 16th of February right?! I’m not late at announcing a winner or anything am I?

Eden’s birthday party was on Saturday and I finally got a breath of fresh air. Sewing 9 ruffled layer aprons in 3.5 hours was no small feat, Lee is now an expert trained in making pounds of frosting, tinting to exact color perfection, prepping pastry bags, and making sure that a 32 week pregnant girly doesn’t get too stressed out and melt to the floor crying. He is superman I tell ya!

Enough excuses though… on to the announcement of the SHOOT your Sweetheart Giveaway!!!!!

I had no idea how many people wanted to actually shoot their sweetheart!  What fun to read the creative ways to set up a sweetheart shoot for two.  It was a tough decision but we finally made a decision.

And the winner is……

Leyla Moss!!!

Fun…  Creative… Sentimental…

and perfect for a Valentine’s SHOOT my Sweetheart!

Congratulations Leyla!

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Haven’t figured out what to get your honey for Valentines Day?  Well, you’re in luck, and just in time for our

SHOOT my sweetheart GIVEAWAY!!!

We know you’d love to hang out with your sweetie pie all dressed up, and we can guarantee that we’ll make you kiss at least a few times…

Leave the kids at home; no pets allowed… this will definitely be worth getting a babysitter!

Here’s the deal:

Our SHOOT my sweetheart sessions are normally $350, and we are giving one away to whoever is the most creative in telling us HOW they’d SHOOT their sweetheart. THAT’S A GREAT DEAL!

You must:

Be (or become) a friend on our Facebook Fan Page, and then share the goodness by posting on your Facebook wall or blog telling everyone about the awesomeness that they need to get in on! (aka our GIVEAWAY!!)  You can do this by telling everyone how you’d like to SHOOT your sweetheart and linking back to our website ;)

THEN, make sure you come back to our blog and share your ingenious ideas with us!

Giveaway entries need to be made by February 16.

*Important – you must post a comment on our blog and be a fan on our Fan Page to be considered for the giveaway.


We’re excited to see what you come up with!



Here’s a little taste of the glory… so you can see what it tastes like.

PS – I tried to talk Lee into dressing up like cupid for our promo picture, but he didn’t think him in just a doily would attract people to our site  :)

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