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posted by amanda

Having three older sisters has its pros and cons.




Cons: having three older sisters.

I think he’s already getting used to being bossed every. second. of. his. life.

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category: kids
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posted by amanda

Man o man! This little boy has taken over my life! I LOVE him soo soo much!!

Just wanted to share a picture I snapped of Emerson yesterday as I took a break from working on these pictures:

Here’s the blog over at E3 Imagine that is CHALK full of more beautiful pictures like these :) LOVE <3

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posted by amanda

Much needed Friday. We woke up slow this morning and I soaked up my snuggle time with Emerson before the girls got up.

Today…. I think we will swim, lounge about, snack and watch movies. Ahhhh.

I <3 the weekend.

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posted by amanda

Here are a few more pictures of Emerson. I am soaking up his tiny little legs and furry face, because I promise they grow inches every night!!! Why can’t babies stay teensy for longer?!

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posted by amanda

I have never bought a baby book for my baby. You know the kind with the hideous pastel color palette, teddy bears, and the fill in the blank pages. My sisters judge me as a bad mom. Feel free to judge as well. I’m more of a visual person and my exploding tera byte of family pictures will fight you any day.

I’m just sayin’…. one look at a certain picture and my mind is flooded with the details of the moment the image was captured.

Delia’s crazy curly hair catching the light as the sun went down on the last day of being one year old and the silly Popeye face she used to make.

My heart bursting with pride as my little Eden posed for the camera on her first day of preschool, chatting the whole way about how she thought she was going to learn about lantana. (ps… what the heck?!)

Just don’t ask me how old Gwen was when she rolled over :-/

The point I am S.L.O.W.L.Y getting around to is that I’ve decided my mothering skills are like fine wine……. I improve with age.

Awhile back I read another blogger saying she keeps a journal for each child and writes down the day to day funny things her little kids did or said. I have a book for each of my kids now. (ps… do you know HOW HARD it is for me to say my kids instead of my girlies?!?! This boy thing is going to take some serious adjusting to!)

I wrote down Emerson’s birth story yesterday as I lazed about on the couch soaking up his deliciousness. (Ok, I didn’t laze about, that’s a very difficult thing for me to do. It was more like in between going to the store to buy 2,016 Easter eggs, and getting squirted in the face by my precious newborn. Seriously, that NEVER happened with my girls. Too hilarious!)….. Ok, I am very long winded today. Maybe I need to blog more, I know I get enough talking out during the day ;)

On to the Porter House and goings on….

Eden has been lost in books lately. I love it. When I was a little girl the ultimate punishment from my mom was to take away my book. Good old classics like George’s Marvelous Medicine, and The BFG. Look at that serious face. Love it.

And just in case I ever die and Lee is left to get the girls ready, here is what that would look like. Just wanted to throw that iPhone picture in so you would recognize my girls.

That’s about all my ramblings for the day. Good for you if you read through the whole thing!!!



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