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posted by lee

Know what happens when you homeschool and it has been rainy all day? You take your kids out to the park with the intent that they will come home with an inch of mud on the bottom of their boots.


They exceeded my expectations.

At least they got their energy out and had so much fun! We can scrape boots later.

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posted by amanda

School has been out for a few weeks and the boredom is setting in. Poor Delia has the worst case of it. Lee was gone for the weekend again on a scout camp out and we needed something to do!

So I had the girls draw a self portrait and then they got to paint it. The girls were obsessed with mixing the paint colors to get the perfect shade of skin color, and using a stamper brush to adorn their shirts with polk a dots.

Delia put freckles all over her chin and painted her teeth so they have spaces in between them. So life like! ;)

Then we hung them up on the wall.  They are like 3 feet tall, and don’t you bet I freaked myself out during the night – the paintings staring at me while Lee was gone.

But at least I didn’t hear the dreaded ‘Moooommmm… I’m bored!’ for the WHOLE afternoon!


What are some of the fun things you do to chase away summer’s boredom? (please share!!! I need more ideas!)

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