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How come some things are only cute on babies? Rolls upon rolls upon rolls, just don’t look the same on a 35 year old. My husband wouldn’t think a fuzzy back and ears was something to be desired yet when I hold a newborn who is fuzzy I die!

I saw some pictures of my good friend’s baby the other day and could NOT believe how big she had grown in the year since I’d seen her! I took these photos on a sunny October afternoon last year for this chubby one year old’s birthday. She is a miracle baby and as you can see is obviously the cutest obese person you have ever seen. ;)





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So we just looked and realized that it has been 14 days since we last posted anything on our blog… Yikes! I guess what they say is true – Time flies when you’re having fun (and when you’re extremely busy)

We’ve recently had the AMAZ-ZA-ZING opportunity to start contributing our time and talents to an AWESOME new education company – E3 Imagine.   So not only are we busy with 4 kids and a photography company, but now we are also giving our (more than full time) attention to the development and implementation of the creative, unique, and life-changing educational experience that E3 Imagine is providing.

To be short in writing:

E3imagine seeks to connect, educate, and unify kids and families all over the world!

But check out the E3 Imagine website for all the nitty gritty and see how you can get involved.

(And in case you are wondering, I’m working on the web and graphic design for E3 Imagine and Amanda is working on book layouts and photography).

Don’t worry, we are still your favorite fun and fancy-free photographers – we are just spreading the love throughout the world!

Just to prove it, here are some great pictures from some of our favorite people! These are their last pictures before her baby bump starts showing. Congrats Tara and Zach!!!

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When I was a little girl, I told lies.

Lots of lies :/

Lies about where I found my sister’s ‘lost’ $5
Lies about wetting my pants :(
Lies about if I ate all my dinner. (I would stick a big fat wad of food in my cheek and go spit it out in the toilet. Sneeky, I know…

And a BIG {FAT} whopping lie about jumping off the diving board at Taylor Jr. High’s swimming pool.

There is a good possibility that one day my class at swimming lessons went over to the dive tank of the pool and swam around. We were passing off the ‘water exploration’ requirement and we had to submerge ourselves in deep water. As I looked around I was impressed! Man were those big kids jumping off the diving boards sooooo cool!

And so just possibly my little mind decided that I was one of those cool kids jumping off those springing boards. Stepping off the high dive would be quite a feat at such a young girl. I decided that I was that cool.

So, I went home and told my mom all about it. I may have stretched the truth, just a bit…. as to increase my coolness. I told my mom I jumped off the high dive, nay dove off the high dive.

And. then. my. mom. told. everyone.

Every time she bragged about her brave little daughter, I felt like someone punched me in the gut. I had to stand there and smile through the whole story while my churning stomach was making me want to hurl.

Lying is not always all it is cracked up to be.

Last night I watched with my own two eyes as my little girls jumped off the high dive. I had to make sure I really saw it before I began bragging. I know the way 5 and 7 year old’s minds work! ;)

This awesome couple is looking to adopt an amazing little baby or two. I am pretty sure I would be willing to loan my kids to them everyday around 4pm! ;) But, I guess that just plain mean of me! Chris and Jewel were so so much fun to shoot! Lee and I were cracking up every other minute!

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Doesn’t it always seem like babies come in batches?  You know, like everyone I know right now is pregnant with boys.   Seems like if you put in an order to Heaven for a baby, and they are busy making boy babies, then you get hooked up with a boy baby.  When we were having Delia, seriously. everyone. I. knew. was. having. a. girl. baby.

Thank goodness this time when we put our order in they were making boy babies…. or we may have been done with putting in orders.  But we are not.  Yes that is right, we want to have a house full of Porter kids.  Some have even heard Lee and I talk of 7 babies….  But for now, we are completely content with our four.

I just hope next time we get an order in for a baby they are making cute ones.  (But then again with faces like us, of course we’ll get a cutie pie!) I’m kidding, I’m kidding.

Owen and our baby were from the same batch and I could NOT get enough of his sweetness during our shoot.

Totally and completely adorable!

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Hey! Why did the pig cross the road?
I give up. Why?
It was the chicken’s day off!

not very funny? ok how about this one?

What did my Uncle Porky sing when he joined the Navy?
I don’t know, what?
(singing) Oinkers Away, my boys, Oinkers Away

I know…. LAME.

What do you call a pig who crosses the road twice, but refuses to take a bath?
A dirty double-crosser!

Ha! Got cha! You can’t say calling a pig a dirty double crosser isn’t funny.

{LOVE} this shoot
{LOVE} their humor
{LOVE} the way they act together
{LOVE} his shoes (Why can’t they build a Zaras in AZ?!)

ps. typing a joke into google is kind of hilarious

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