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posted by lee

I’ve realized that I haven’t shared as many pictures lately because I feel like I need a witty, fun, captivating, awesome story to go with each post. Let’s just be honest…. THAT’S TOO MUCH PRESSURE!

So, I’ve decided to stop worrying so much about writing something to go with each post and just share pictures. It’s what you’ve come here for anyways right?!

Now for a cute family from Arizona with the fantastic evening sun I’ve missed since moving to Texas.






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posted by amanda

Taking pictures of newborns is kind of like having one of your own. You get peed on, you soak in their newborn smell, you wash their poop off your blankets… BUT no one woke me up last night.

Funny thing is, if you really know me.. even when I have a newborn, they don’t wake me up at night. Lee wakes up when our babies cry in the night and then has to WAKE ME UP to get up and take care of them.

I’m kind of a heavy sleeper. I always have the best sleeping babies… but maybe that’s just because I don’t hear them crying :/ hmmmm.


Here are two babies that are in my life right now. I don’t schedule newborn shoots. I don’t have the time to commit to them right now, but aren’t they so delightful?!

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posted by amanda

How come some things are only cute on babies? Rolls upon rolls upon rolls, just don’t look the same on a 35 year old. My husband wouldn’t think a fuzzy back and ears was something to be desired yet when I hold a newborn who is fuzzy I die!

I saw some pictures of my good friend’s baby the other day and could NOT believe how big she had grown in the year since I’d seen her! I took these photos on a sunny October afternoon last year for this chubby one year old’s birthday. She is a miracle baby and as you can see is obviously the cutest obese person you have ever seen. ;)





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posted by amanda

Oh babies.

I am starting to think little babes are the best to shoot. I have an addiction to their presh little smiles and giggles, oh my! This little cutie pie was NO exception. I could have taken like 400 snaps of her!

I just wanted to share a sneak peek with her mom, so she could crush on her little one! Thanks for letting me hang out with your doll while the light was perfect. It completed my day!

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posted by amanda

sticks and stones, volcanoes and bikes you know the rhyme!

A year ago Lee and I escaped the heat and took off to Maui for a week or so.  It was so so much fun!  (yes I am bragging and if you are offended then feel free to quit reading…. but I know you won’t!)

Swimming with sea turtles as close as we dared, staring at their mammoth jaws that could snap our fingers off, eating WAY too much food, soaking up the sun, and having a hilarious scooter afternoon, dumb and dumber style (my favorite part of the trip)

Well a year ago today we woke up at 3am and took a 15 passenger van, jam packed with tourists, up a WINDY road to the top of Mt. Haleakala.  We stood above the clouds and watch the sunrise.

It was stunning.  beautiful.  amazing.  breathtaking.  ok, ok you get the picture.  So the reason we crammed with 15 adults into a 15 passenger van, was because they had 15 mountain bikes loaded on top which they quickly distributed after the sun came up and said ‘see ya at the bottom suckers!’  ok maybe they didn’t call us suckers, but they should have.

We biked down the 10,000 ft mountain (aka – old volcano) at speeds of 30-40mph.  it.  was.  so.  much.  fun!

seriously…. one of the funnest things I have done in my life.

now comes the stupid part. and it just happens to have to do with Lee…
Lee doing something stupid?  No!

Well, I’ll just say biking down that windy road at 40 mph WHILE holding a video camera wasn’t his greatest idea of all time.

AND I didn’t get to enjoy the award winning breakfast pastries that our guide said was a must stop and partake of.

Lee totally fell off his bike on a sharp turn he was taking too fast and smashed his wrist to smithereens.  The video camera received no damage, and I may or may not have laughed at him :/ whoopsies…  I kind of do that when people get hurt. Well, hurt but not like life threatening. I have a soul!

So, Lee owes me a breakfast at the base of Mt Haleakala. I am not letting him forget it either.

Now, on to babies and soft skin and sweet smelling newborn-ness.  Ahhhhhh..

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