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If you haven’t noticed already, a couple things have changed here at  I’ll give you three guesses…..

I spent countless hours working on it on the bus riding to work… (my favorite!  ask me about it sometime and I’ll tell ya)

It involves something you are looking at right now….

Ok, fine, I’ll tell you… we updated the look of our blog and website!  (and honestly, if you didn’t notice before, you may want to have your eyes checked… It was a pretty dramatic change)

We just want to make sure we are staying on top of our game and providing the best quality experience possible, both when you are shooting with us and when you’re visiting our site.

Which reminds me, look what came in the mail yesterday!

No, it’s not JUST another lens… it’s our ticket to a wider range of options and YOUR ticket to better quality photos from us!  We’ve also been updating our equipment at home… (aka more fun toys for me to play with!!!)

Oh, and we wanted to let everyone know – if you ever have questions about techniques or want tips & trick on how to improve your own photography skills, feel free to contact us via the information on the  contact us page; we are happy to help :)



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4 Responses to “something is brewin’ about to begin……”

  1. Rachel says:

    BAM! with that screen everything and I mean everything is in your face! Love it. have fun

    • pie in the sky says:

      For sure we are LOVING our in your face screen :) I surprised Amanda with it for Christmas. She might have cried over a new computer. Electronics… gets those pregnant women every time!! ;)

  2. Denver (from Phoenix) says:


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