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So, traditionally, Mondays are everyone’s favorite day to hate….

You walk into work and everyone has this look of death on their faces like they’d rather be anywhere else but work (usually they’d rather be sleeping because of the lack of sleep from the previous nights’ late-night adventures). Then when you ask how they are or say good morning, you get a growl at best. That’s when you remember that it’s Monday, and you know you’d better wait a couple hours before trying to have a decent conversation.

I must admit, I’ve fallen victim to this mindset…. BUT NOT TODAY, NOT ME, NO SIR, NO HOW!!!

(don’t get me wrong, I would still way rather be home, but that’s not the point of this post)

This Monday is different! Why, you might ask?…… I’ll tell you

Sunday was a fabulous Father’s Day for many reasons:

  • Got to sleep in until 7:00 (yes, 7:00 am is sleeping in for me)
  • Breakfast in bed with all my favorite girls in the world (Emerson was sleeping in the room)
  • Got my one of my favorite candy bars at church – King Sized Twix
  • Got to take a 2 hr nap! (thank you Eden and Delia for letting us sleep)
  • Saw my family and Amanda’s family – Reid made a delicious FAJITA dinner

Saturday was just as great:

  • Date night with Amanda – Olive and Ivy, cruizin’ on a Harley Sportster – Thank you Jake!
  • Finished my last assignment in my last class of my Bachelor’s degree

That’s right! This morning, I checked into my online classroom and my last assignment was already graded and my time as a student at University of Phoenix is complete!!!

So, as you can see, my Monday has been fabulous! A weekend of gilt-free recreation not having to worry about homework brought to completion by knowing I never have to do homework again!!!

I can’t stop smiling – and people at work hate me for it!!! :)

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3 Responses to “Mondays aren’t so bad after all….”

  1. Kristy says:

    Congrats! That is an awesome accomplishment!

  2. Drew Porter says:

    WOW, that sounds like an AWESOME Father’s Day! But, let’s be honest, that picture is ridiculous.

  3. Candice says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Happy happy day!

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