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Since we all accompanied our scholarly Dad/husband Lee to his graduation last week and I had the PRIVILEGE of corralling the energy of 4 little kids by myself for 4 hours in the stands at University of Phoenix Stadium… I thought I’d share some of our memorable moments.

Some fun things we got pictures of:

Emerson as happy as could be! *This picture was taken at the beginning of hour one.  He hadn’t had his binky stolen yet or had to sit in his chair for 3 hours yet. Note he is still happy ;)

Mr. Tom Brokaw was one of the several speakers. He may have needed to edit his talk to reflect the fact that he was talking to mostly middle aged graduates who had spent a majority of their school time online, not having study groups at bars. *This picture doesn’t do Mr. Brokaw justice… Lee said you could see a trickle from his runny nose on the jumbo tron.  Oopsies.

Happy Graduate and Wife  *I could still act happy at this point. That is because I  had 7 boxes of movie candy in my purse as weaponry. 3 hours into the ceremony I ran out.  We might have resorted to drastic measures :/

Lee and I wanted to bring all the family so we could emphasize to our girls the importance of education. We wanted our kids to have the memory of going to their Dad’s graduation.  *Maybe next time we’ll just show them a few pictures after the event and I’ll sit BY MYSELF for 4 hours. Ahhhh the silence.

Oh Delia. Before we had even left the parking lot Delia (who had been wearing Lee’s graduation hat) announced that she maybe shouldn’t have been chewing gum while she chewed on Lee’s graduation tassel.      FOR THE LOVE!!       Lee’s symbol of 4 years of hard work is ruined before we even leave the parking lot?!

Gwen looked super cute in her peep toed zebra shoes.  *By the end of the ceremony I had caved in.  Gwen was hanging out in Emerson’s car seat eating candy and sucking on his extra binky.  My 2 big girls were watching a movie on my phone and my perfect dream of 4 cute little kids cheering on their graduate Dad was out the window!  I had seriously lost it!

4 kids for 4 hours is WAY TOO LONG!! Well, at a graduation ceremony that is!

Lesson learned :)


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