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My Birthday was last week. I turned 29.  There was no parade, no hot air balloon ride, no spontaneous trip to Disneyland, no dancing bears……

Unfortunately, my amazing mom did me a disservice growing up.  Birthdays were a national holiday: magic, pony rides, birthday parties that were talked about for years, and the cakes…. truly a disservice I tell you.

But, I am 29.  A mother of 3.9 children – and still in the back of my mind on my birthday I hope for a little mermaid cake, or at least a pet giraffe.  When am I going to learn?

I have learned that the BEST days aren’t always birthdays.  It’s the lazy Saturdays where my Lee and girlies snuggle me, jump on the bed, and we make wonderful waffles.  It’s the Fridays that Lee calls in sick to work, we take a ride down Bush Highway when the spring weather is amazing, and then we hit up Tia Rosas and share a pina colada.  Or the spontaneous lunches with my sissies where we all hang out together (Bubs I miss you and I wish you still lived in AZ!!!!!)

I might skip my birthday next year.  Just so I don’t get my hopes up…..  Stupid childhood.

These colorful little guys are brothers that belong to my best friend Cumorah.

and one more for good measure!

Here’s the two responsible for these amazing boys.  The older, tiny Mr.’s favorite movie is Hot Rod. He can seriously pull stunts just as good as Rod… and yes, he likes to party.

ps- I’m kinda embarrassed that I admitted all that about my dumb birthday to the world.  I wasn’t looking for any pity, I had a ROCKIN birthday! (Thanks Lee) Just wanted to share some of my ridiculousness….  I feel closer to you now.

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4 Responses to “Hi, my name is Rod… and I like to party.”

    • pie in the sky says:

      copy cat? why because you like to party too? well, party it up with avery! he is kind of the man.

  1. Kristy says:

    Yes, I do feel closer to you now! Sorry that there was no mermaid cake for your birthday. I’m not going to make the same mistake your mom did, definitely no magic or cool cakes for my kiddos!

  2. bubs says:

    because that is what my facebook album is called. maybe i will forgive you someday.don’t even tempt me with hanging out with comorah’s children, you know that i want to clone them.

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