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posted by amanda

It is fun to spend time with graduation seniors.. they are all so different! Baylee LOVES basketball and it shows! This girl is going places and I was so happy to get to spend an afternoon with her.. she is inspiring! Congrats Baylee and GOOD LUCK!


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posted by amanda

Have you seen school pictures?  Honestly, (and I’m always honest with you guys!)  I do buy them every year…. I worry that my kids will think they were jipped.  But     have    you     seen     them?!

I guess I buy the tie-dye background, hokey pictures as a rite of passage for my kids.  Only giving in to the temporarily set up studio, because we have 50 bazillion other pictures that I take of them all year long.

Maybe you should rethink spending the $50+ on the school pictures package and give your kids some images you will hang on your wall and {love} every second.  Images like these from our back to school shoot!

Click here and remind yourself about the awesome details of the shoot.. and then email us :)  We still have some spots open next Saturday the 27th!

Talk to you soon!!

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