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posted by lee

Gwen amazes me with her determination. She is either determined to be the sweetest and my favorite child… OR…well.

She’s determined.

Maybe it’s payback for introducing her to the big sister roll at 19 months. I remember I was so excited to leave the hospital to see my Gwenny. When I got home my Gwenny was gone. Her determined counterpart had taken the main stage.

My momma heartstrings NEEDED a picture of her in her kooky turkey hat. If not simply to add to the amazing pictures for her wedding video.

Today Gwen was determined to be a turkey.

How appropriate.

I know later in life I’ll just laugh and miss those chubby sassy cheeks. Right?!

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categories: Austin, kids
posted by amanda

Having three older sisters has its pros and cons.




Cons: having three older sisters.

I think he’s already getting used to being bossed every. second. of. his. life.

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category: kids
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posted by lee

Know what happens when you homeschool and it has been rainy all day? You take your kids out to the park with the intent that they will come home with an inch of mud on the bottom of their boots.


They exceeded my expectations.

At least they got their energy out and had so much fun! We can scrape boots later.

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posted by amanda

How come some things are only cute on babies? Rolls upon rolls upon rolls, just don’t look the same on a 35 year old. My husband wouldn’t think a fuzzy back and ears was something to be desired yet when I hold a newborn who is fuzzy I die!

I saw some pictures of my good friend’s baby the other day and could NOT believe how big she had grown in the year since I’d seen her! I took these photos on a sunny October afternoon last year for this chubby one year old’s birthday. She is a miracle baby and as you can see is obviously the cutest obese person you have ever seen. ;)





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posted by amanda

Hello… check… check… 1…2…3…

testing… testing…

Oh my. Here I am. Let me just act as if 2 years haven’t passed since I’ve blogged. Man! Life happened, that’s what!

I want to share some of the awesomeness that we have been up to, (I know that you’ve been going to counseling for Porter withdrawals) so let’s just start with the most recent!

Living in Texas has been awesome and a WHOLE year has gone by already! Lots of changes in our life and its all brought happy, happy times. Now that we have settled into life in Austin I’m ready to start my love relationship with the sun again. I’ve missed seeing the sun go down as I capture carefree moments with fabulous people! I really have an obsession with the light and how it looks in the magic moments at the end of the day. I’ve got a brain full of ideas with all the green beautimus (yep… beautimus) around us here. Here are a few pictures of my favorite people under 4 feet tall as they tromped through one of our best loved parks the other evening.

They. are. getting. soooooo. old. Wah.



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