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Have you seen school pictures?  Honestly, (and I’m always honest with you guys!)  I do buy them every year…. I worry that my kids will think they were jipped.  But     have    you     seen     them?!

I guess I buy the tie-dye background, hokey pictures as a rite of passage for my kids.  Only giving in to the temporarily set up studio, because we have 50 bazillion other pictures that I take of them all year long.

Maybe you should rethink spending the $50+ on the school pictures package and give your kids some images you will hang on your wall and {love} every second.  Images like these from our back to school shoot!

Click here and remind yourself about the awesome details of the shoot.. and then email us :)  We still have some spots open next Saturday the 27th!

Talk to you soon!!

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Is your morning starting out as fantastic as mine??? I hate to say it, but I just let out a HUGE sigh of relief because we sent the kids off to school this morning.

Really it’s bitter sweet. One one hand, I’m sad to see the two older girls leave for most of the day (poor Gwenny is going to have to find a new way to entertain herself), but on the other hand, it will be sooo nice to have them out of the house for most of the day! To quote Mr. Simon (or was it Garfunkel?) Ah… “the sound of SILENCE!”

I don’t know what it is, but it seems like by the end of the summer the girls just can’t stand each other anymore and any little thing sets off an argument. During the school year though, as soon as they get home, they can’t get enough of each other… go figure.

Well, to commemorate the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year, we are offering

Back to School Shoots!

Here’s the deal…

This is a limited time back-to-school version of our SHOOT my Kids photoshoot… with a little twist.

  • We are holding 2, count ‘em, 2 shoots dedicated to highlighting your kids at the beginning of this school year.
  • The 2 shoots will be held on the 19th and 27th of August.
  • Each day will have four 20min slots starting at 5:30pm.
  • For the 20min shoot, you’ll receive 7-10 images of your kid(s) while they still have that twinkle in their eye that comes from all the excitement, nervousness, and anticipation of a new school year.
  • Only $75 per session, 3 kids max.

We bring the props, we choose the location, you provide the kids, we make the GOOD life look a little BETTER! :)

Contact us today to reserve your slot… First come, first served!

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So summer snuck up on you, huh?  Well, don’t feel bad, it snuck up on us, too – even though I don’t know how, considering the kiddos were so excited to get out of school – we barely even snapped a couple pictures on the last day of school.  I guess that’s life…

The nice thing about life is that you can always look back and learn from your mistakes…

Here’s your chance!

Don’t let this summer sneak by without making time to create the memories that will last a lifetime!

{ ……..enter Pie in the Sky Photography! }

Whether you’re out soaking up the sun with the kids…..

experiencing some summer sweetheart fun…..

…..or braving the summer heat for your wedding

we will make your memories last forever!

In fact, we want you to remember this summer so much that we’re making it a no brainer by offering AMAZ-ZA-ZING summer pricing.

From June 1 through August 31 enjoy over 30% off of these fun shoots!

And for all the love birds who are tying the knot this summer, an extra special deal for you {just to make your wedding that much sweeter}:

We know you’re going to have an awesome summer and we want you to be able to remember it forever!  So make sure you don’t let it slip through the cracks without catching some of the magic the makes life phenomenal!

Contact us today to book your SHOOT!

ps… tell your friends! :)

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Gotta love wrestling brothers. My girls have made sure that we don’t lack in the wrestling department at the Porter House.  When my girlies act like that they remind me of puppies.  Come to think of it kids are like puppies in a lot of ways.  They are loud and bite everything, sometimes have an accident on the floor, and eat things they shouldn’t.

A week before we found out we were pregnant with Eden we bought 2 boxer puppies…. What’s that?  We have impeccable timing? Ya I’ve heard that before…. So while I was as sick as a dog (no pun intended) in the early stages of my pregnancy I was dealing with 2 puppies with too much energy and not enough bladder control. Just what I needed.


Enjoy these well dressed boys with plenty of personality :)

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If you haven’t noticed already, a couple things have changed here at  I’ll give you three guesses…..

I spent countless hours working on it on the bus riding to work… (my favorite!  ask me about it sometime and I’ll tell ya)

It involves something you are looking at right now….

Ok, fine, I’ll tell you… we updated the look of our blog and website!  (and honestly, if you didn’t notice before, you may want to have your eyes checked… It was a pretty dramatic change)

We just want to make sure we are staying on top of our game and providing the best quality experience possible, both when you are shooting with us and when you’re visiting our site.

Which reminds me, look what came in the mail yesterday!

No, it’s not JUST another lens… it’s our ticket to a wider range of options and YOUR ticket to better quality photos from us!  We’ve also been updating our equipment at home… (aka more fun toys for me to play with!!!)

Oh, and we wanted to let everyone know – if you ever have questions about techniques or want tips & trick on how to improve your own photography skills, feel free to contact us via the information on the  contact us page; we are happy to help :)



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