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posted by lee

I’ve realized that I haven’t shared as many pictures lately because I feel like I need a witty, fun, captivating, awesome story to go with each post. Let’s just be honest…. THAT’S TOO MUCH PRESSURE!

So, I’ve decided to stop worrying so much about writing something to go with each post and just share pictures. It’s what you’ve come here for anyways right?!

Now for a cute family from Arizona with the fantastic evening sun I’ve missed since moving to Texas.






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posted by amanda

How come some things are only cute on babies? Rolls upon rolls upon rolls, just don’t look the same on a 35 year old. My husband wouldn’t think a fuzzy back and ears was something to be desired yet when I hold a newborn who is fuzzy I die!

I saw some pictures of my good friend’s baby the other day and could NOT believe how big she had grown in the year since I’d seen her! I took these photos on a sunny October afternoon last year for this chubby one year old’s birthday. She is a miracle baby and as you can see is obviously the cutest obese person you have ever seen. ;)





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posted by amanda

Hmmm… what to talk about?

Talk about Dan (the dad) in this family, how he and Lee are friends from back in the day?

Talk about how I am in LOVE with Lindsay’s hair… ah-ma-zing! She is a stylist and obviously {knows} hair.

Talk about how they have the sweetest adoption story ever and I think they are such a beautiful family?

Pretty much we think the Thomas family is fantastic and I was soo excited to find the perfect location for them!

Thanks Dan for coming back from the Philippines for our shoot… I bet you made Lindsay’s day.

ps- Dan used to have a wall tagged in his bedroom… he is quite the artist. Betcha didn’t know that!

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posted by amanda

Man o man! This little boy has taken over my life! I LOVE him soo soo much!!

Just wanted to share a picture I snapped of Emerson yesterday as I took a break from working on these pictures:

Here’s the blog over at E3 Imagine that is CHALK full of more beautiful pictures like these :) LOVE <3

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posted by amanda

It feels like there are a lot of things that are up in the air right now….

the weather is a changin… yesss!

seems like we are not home WAY more than we are home lately

and we are working on something new that is going to be AMAZING!!!!!

ps Christmas scheduling photo dates are right around the corner!

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