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Gotta love wrestling brothers. My girls have made sure that we don’t lack in the wrestling department at the Porter House.  When my girlies act like that they remind me of puppies.  Come to think of it kids are like puppies in a lot of ways.  They are loud and bite everything, sometimes have an accident on the floor, and eat things they shouldn’t.

A week before we found out we were pregnant with Eden we bought 2 boxer puppies…. What’s that?  We have impeccable timing? Ya I’ve heard that before…. So while I was as sick as a dog (no pun intended) in the early stages of my pregnancy I was dealing with 2 puppies with too much energy and not enough bladder control. Just what I needed.


Enjoy these well dressed boys with plenty of personality :)

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  1. Haley porter says:

    I love these picture Amanda!!!!!

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