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A piercing scream rang through my sister’s house.  It immediately woke everyone. My sister rolled over to check her alarm clock.  It was 6am on the first day of Spring Break.

Why the heck was her husband screaming like a girl, and why the heck was she getting woken up at 6am on the FIRST day of spring break?!

Devin (her hubby) woke up because their kitty, Teeny, was crying.  He got out of bed to see what was wrong and found Teeny stuck.  Her tail was caught in the paper cutter and was unfortunately in the process of getting chopped off!  (que high pitched screaming)

My little sister, Laura, seriously has the most amazing things happen to her.  We have just grown accustomed to the fact that when she stays at our house babysitting something will get broken.

Just recently she spilled a whole jug of liquid laundry detergent on the driver seat of her car.  Seriously….

But we love her all the more for it.  Always an interesting story coming from her day!  Here’s some fun we recently had together.  They are having a little boy in 4 months. I think Emerson is going to have a best friend…. I just hope they don’t end up chopping off any kitty’s tail  :)

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