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Once upon a time (ok it was right now) there was a boy named Pol.

Pol lived far, far away in a magical kingdom (which is actually Spain but seeing how I have never been there I am calling it magical, ok)

Late one evening Pol dreamed that an enchanted bird came and took him thousands of miles away to a new country (well that part is half true because some ‘enchanted airline’ flew him to the US)

When he arrived in the new land he was happier than he had ever imagined. (also true – I can vouch that his host family is a hoot)

Everyone called him a foreign exchange student and changed his name to Paul, but he was ok with that, because he got to eat hamburgers and home made bread as often as he wanted.

The End.

I guess there is a reason my girlies always ask for Lee to tell them a bedtime story like every night.

I stink ;)

But for truths, Pol will be HUGELY missed by this fun family he lived with for over a year. He is back in Spain now and working at his dreams of becoming an international fire fighter.

I hope we get to hang out again one day Pol.

and ps.. you are an awesome ballroom dancer. I am fully jealous.

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  1. Marlane Schnepf Porter says:

    I need that family shot for my wall! Good job, Amanda. Aaron & Stacee — they are all growing up too fast! Cute kids.

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