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posted by lee

Spending time with seniors who are approaching graduation is so inspiring. They have this look in their eye like they can take on the world! I believe them.

ps- go TOROS!!!

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categories: Austin, Seniors
posted by lee

I’ve realized that I haven’t shared as many pictures lately because I feel like I need a witty, fun, captivating, awesome story to go with each post. Let’s just be honest…. THAT’S TOO MUCH PRESSURE!

So, I’ve decided to stop worrying so much about writing something to go with each post and just share pictures. It’s what you’ve come here for anyways right?!

Now for a cute family from Arizona with the fantastic evening sun I’ve missed since moving to Texas.






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posted by lee

Gwen amazes me with her determination. She is either determined to be the sweetest and my favorite child… OR…well.

She’s determined.

Maybe it’s payback for introducing her to the big sister roll at 19 months. I remember I was so excited to leave the hospital to see my Gwenny. When I got home my Gwenny was gone. Her determined counterpart had taken the main stage.

My momma heartstrings NEEDED a picture of her in her kooky turkey hat. If not simply to add to the amazing pictures for her wedding video.

Today Gwen was determined to be a turkey.

How appropriate.

I know later in life I’ll just laugh and miss those chubby sassy cheeks. Right?!

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categories: Austin, kids
posted by amanda

Taking pictures of newborns is kind of like having one of your own. You get peed on, you soak in their newborn smell, you wash their poop off your blankets… BUT no one woke me up last night.

Funny thing is, if you really know me.. even when I have a newborn, they don’t wake me up at night. Lee wakes up when our babies cry in the night and then has to WAKE ME UP to get up and take care of them.

I’m kind of a heavy sleeper. I always have the best sleeping babies… but maybe that’s just because I don’t hear them crying :/ hmmmm.


Here are two babies that are in my life right now. I don’t schedule newborn shoots. I don’t have the time to commit to them right now, but aren’t they so delightful?!

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posted by amanda

Having three older sisters has its pros and cons.




Cons: having three older sisters.

I think he’s already getting used to being bossed every. second. of. his. life.

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